Marine park on Bonaire

We protect our marine park

We protect our island

Therefore, our island is a protected area since 1979, known as the Bonaire National Marine Park. It includes a 16 square miles large nature reserve with coral reefs, seagrasses, mangroves, lagoons and nature reserves. Both our worlds above and under water are protected. With our wide variety of marine life and beautiful natural phenomena in the water, we are truly a rich and blessed island.

National Park Bonaire

At the National Marine Park we will do our very best to keep it that way for our future generations. Therefore, everybody must abide by some clear rules, and we ask everyone to pay a fee to enjoy our waters. In this way, you protect the future of our island and the world of our children. We do a lot to educate this on our island to make our children aware of the treasures that we have. But we also inform our visitors.

Wonder Water World

If you want to admire our great diversity of marine life or like to enjoy our sea in a different way, you have to pay a fee to STINAPA, the foundation that protects our natural, cultural and historical heritage.

For a full year of diving you pay $ 25, for enjoying water sports $ 10. In return, you get well cared for snorkeling and diving spots, clear markings and access to Washington Slagbaai National Park. And on top of that you will help us protect our nature!

Bonaire National Marine Park

We pay close attention to the developments in and around our island. If something goes wrong, we jump in. Hence, we do a lot of replanting to bring our island to its original state. And we pay close attention to threats to our nature. Therefore, we have a number of clear rules. You can not spear fish, you can not bring anything from nature, dead or alive, you can not touch our marine life and you must not wear gloves while diving (except for wreck diving). It is strictly forbidden to barbecue or build campfires, except in designated areas.

Sea Turtle Conservation

To protect our turtles and their nests and to ensure their future, we founded the Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire. It does not belong to STINAPA or the National Park, but it is a different way to take care of our beautiful nature. They watch out for turtle nests, protect seagrass, educate and protect turtles from danger.

Enjoy life

Take care of all life on our island and in the waters around it. With respect for our nature, we preserve our beautiful natural treasures. You can enjoy them as much as you want. For a small annual fee you can see everything you want and enjoy all life on and around our island. We wish you lots of fun!

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