I go on holiday and take with me …


Travel documents

When you come to our island, there are a number of requirements. Your passport must be valid at least 6 months when you leave and in most cases you need a return ticket. Did you book a one-way ticket? Then customs will most likely ask you to prove that you are passing through. During your flight you receive a landing pass, which must be completed on arrival at customs, where you get a stamp in your passport for up to six months stay. Within a year, you can stay on Bonaire for max 180 days. Keep that in mind when you want to come over more than once a year! By the way, you can not travel to Bonaire with an ID card.


If you want to explore our island, hiring a car is a must. On Bonaire, a European or American driving license is valid up to 6 months. If you are planning on staying longer, you’ll have to exchange it for a Bonairian license. When you get your driving license in Bonaire, it’s valid up to 185 days after return to your home country.


Do you want to stay on Bonaire a little longer and bring your pet? Some requirements apply. You will need a veterinarian certificate of health with a validity of up to two weeks, you need a certificate of vaccination against rabies of up to one year and your pet must be fitted with a microchip. These requirements only apply to dogs and cats and should all be included in a pet passport. If you want to bring a different animal, please contact the Veterinary Service of Bonaire.

When booking a flight, keep in mind that you want to take a pet, as not every company allows them and baggage requirements differ. Dogs are not quarantined on arrival. Whether you want to numb them with sedatives is something you should discuss with your veterinarian. Remember, not being able to react on turbulance during a flight can be traumatic for your pet.