Touring on a scooter

Do you want a special experience and do you like to drive around our island on a scooter? We have nice scooters for everyone above 18. It’s a totally different experience to explore our island on a scooter and furthermore, you can park anywhere!

Scooter rental Bonaire

When renting a scooter you must have the right papers (identity card, driving license from Canada, USA or Europe) and be above 18. You always pay a deposit. A helmet is not mandatory, but you can always rent one. You may rent a scooter as a couple, but only the one renting it can drive it.

Our rules

When you rent a scooter, you always get an overview of our rules and signs in traffic. We drive on the right side of the road, we have no traffic lights, you may enter the village with only 24 miles (40 km) per hour and the rest of the island with 27miles (60 km) per hour.

When you’re on your way, pay attention to our signs and especially to our donkeys and goats that sometimes cross the road when you least expect it.