Take a different trip

When you take a car, motorcycle, scooter, bike or quad, you obviously drive yourself. Sometimes you just don’t want to do that, or you just want something different. Try another fun way to get around. On Bonaire, really everything is possible!

Something different

How about a Tuk Tuk? These amazing “cars” are completely open but do have a roof that protects you from the sun. In this way, you will be able to enjoy a nice breeze in the shade and have lot’s of possibilities to see many beautiful things on our island. If you rent a Tuk Tuk, on the go the driver can tell you all about our island. Not only fun, but educational as well!

Fun way to get around

Do you want to do something adventurous but not too much? Try a trip on a Segway. You have to get used to it, but once you have it is great fun to do. Whether you’re driving through town or go on an outing on dirt paths in the grounds of Plantation Washikemba Bonaire, you’ll enjoy yourself immensely!

Roadtrip Bonaire

Another fun way to explore our island is by a Golf Cart. You can rent one for a few hours or during your entire stay. It’s perfect, touring at your own pace with the wind in your hair with up to four people. What a nice way to experience Bonaire! The nice part is, a golf cart has a roof so you’re protected from the sun but can enjoy a nice breeze. A Golf Cart also has a lot of luggage space, so you can store a lot of stuff!