Off the Road with a quad

Do you want to go on a safari on our beautiful island? What could be more fun than a dirt road on a Quad?! You can rent these four wheel ‘All Terrain Vehicles’ or ATV’s at many different places.

Quad rentals: Alone or in pairs

Quads are stable, easy to control and quite comfortable. Are you afraid to go on your own or reluctant to steer? Just rent one as a couple and be in the back seat!

headerQuad biking with a guide

Unfortunately quads are not for rent without a guide. You will always be accompanied by expert guidance. But never mind, they often find the nicest spots. Most of the time you will visit our pristine East coast, in other words: dirt roads, beautiful coastlines and stunning views.

Prepare yourself

Obviously you get a helmet and proper guidance on your trip. All you have to take is sunscreen, a good pair of glasses and a lot of water.