This is the most famous dive site on the east coast. It covers a huge area, so go with a guide who knows the most beautiful spots. Furthermore, the currents can be strong here and move you from the side. Enter the water at the information board.

The bottom here runs straight into a canal along the side. Here you will find lots of fish. Mind you, with lots of wind the flow becomes very strong here. If you follow this channel you arrive at the ‘Tarponpond” where hundreds of Tarpon swim.

When you go past the roof of about 7 feet, you will find many moray eels, sea fans and anemones. The reef itself is 49 feet deep and the best part is right. Here you will often find a nurse shark at the small caves. In deeper water it’s pretty sure you will spot large stingrays and great barracudas. In the south you will find mostly sea fans and turtles.

One last warning: really watch the currents very well as divers who underestimate the flow are regularly picked up by an open boat from the sea!


Do you want to visit Cal? In Bonaire Dive Guide you can find more information and detailed directions. Convenient, as many dive sites on the north coast are off road and hard to find. The guide is also practical as a reference and safe: leaving your mobile phone in the car during a dive is not wise.

Diving from Boat and coast
Level Experienced
Flora Sea fans, Giant Anemones
Fauna Parrotfish, Snappers, Bermuda chub, Eagle Rays, Turtles, Nurse sharks, Green moray, Caribbean stingray, SeaGroupers, Great barracuda
Snorkeling Yes
Current Very strong
Max depth 148 feet

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