Maiky Snack

If you want to eat somewhere where few tourists come and where you can meet and socialize with our people and learn about our culture, you should visit Maiky Snack.


This fun place, yet fairly undiscovered by tourists, is not easily accessible because you just have to bump your way through the Kunuku, but it’s certainly worth it! The yard has a cute cottage with covered place to sit and even though the word “snack” refers to something small, you get a real meal here.

Local food

Do you order spareribs, barracuda, kabritu stoba (goat), string beans stoba, galina stoba (chicken) or funchi? Or maybe one of the special local soups! Whatever you order, you will enjoy great local food between our elderly and families with children. If you’re lucky the food is prepared on an open fire. That’s really great to watch!

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Kralendijk Bonaire BQ
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Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 11:30 AM - 15:00 PM