Have you wondered where everybody gets the ice creams that are eaten here so often? Come to Gio’s. It’s a place that lures you from far away with fragrant smelling coffee and yummy smelling pastries.

But they have more than a delicious cappuccino or latte macchiato with delicious brownies. The ice creams are ir-re-sis-ta-ble! Handmade, low-fat or non-fat and with the purest ingredients. Will you have white chocolate, mango or mocha ice cream? Or do you go for a Oreo milkshake or various other wonderful flavors?

Be smart and go at the beginning of your stay so you can go back often! If you are on Bonaire, you should not miss this!

Did you get addicted to all the goodies? Fortunately, you can also visit Gio’s ice cream shop in the Netherlands: in Doetinchem and Deventer. There you can sit and indulge yourself with a delicious ice cream or a perfect coffee and just reminisce about your fantastic stay here!

Try it. You really will not regret it!

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