Spoil our donkeys in the Donkey Santuary


Probably you ‘ve already seen them from the moment you arrived at Flamingo Airport: our sweet donkeys or Buriku ‘s as we call them affectionately. They live here since the early 16th century and were always used as riding and pack animals Since the advent of cars they are no longer needed, and since than they have run wild on the island.

Shelter for donkeys

Every year, especially at night, 20 to 30 accidents happen as a result of crossing donkeys, even though the speed limit on the island is only 37 miles per hour and warning signs are everywhere. That, as well as dehydration and starvation in hard times, is the reason why donkeys are collected and lovingly cared for at a sanctuary since 1993. At this moment, more than 600 donkeys live here, young and old.

Bring an occasional visit

A visit to our island is not complete if you don’t go past the sanctuary. The park encompasses over sixty acres, where sick and injured donkeys are given a wonderful life. The 600 donkeys love visitors, especially if they are feeding! Would you like a horde of enthusiastic donkeys chasing you? Then buy some carrots in the park. Your contribution will not only support the Donkey Sanctuary, you will also have the greatest fun. When driving your car on the bumpy roads of the park they will run after you. Have you stopped, don’t be surprised by all the donkey heads popping through your window. A velvety nose is hard to resist!

Help Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

Fallen in love with those sweet little faces? Please ask to volunteer and help a day out cleaning the stables, giving the foals a bottle of milk, feeding the donkeys or grabbing a brush to pamper the lovely little orphans.

When you think you’ve seen it all, there still is more to see, like the small forest for iguanas and turtles. There even is a souvenir shop with cute donkey items, which helps the sanctuary to care for the donkeys.

Would you like to give a donation for medicine and food? Please do! You will be thanked extensively for it. Do you prefer to adopt a donkey? You can of course! By adopting, you help a donkey in food and medical care for a year. It goes without saying that the donkey continues to reside in the sanctuary, but you will get a nice picture and a certificate sent home.


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