Playa Palu di Mangel

This ‘beach of mangrove trees’ formerly was a spot for many donkeys gathering in the evening, the reason why many tourists have come to call it ‘Donkey Beach’. We love to come to this beach. There are lots of trees and bushes to hang our hammocks and put our coolers in the shade. The beach is right under the flight path of the airport, so you will have a really close and fantastic sight on the planes.

The beach is not very wide, but it is long. On the rocky coast azure benches make it a cozy place and with the beautiful white sand on the beach they match perfectly with the blue sea. This beach has three perfect snorkel spots. It’s not always easy to enter the water due to obstacles and if that’s bothering you, walk a little further to Te Amo Beach.

We think this beach is great, you will always find us here during the weekend. Especially on Sundays it sometimes really is crowded with all our friends and family. We love to have barbecues and put out strings of lights and flags everywhere. Most of the time we take along food for a nice barbecue, but sometimes we prefer to buy some tasty burgers and drinks at the Cactus Blue or the Kite City food truck. They provide us with lovely Caribbean music, so the atmosphere is absolutely great!

Do you want to experience another great party at this wonderful beach? Come weekends or at Christmas or Easter. We build large tents, walls or even entire homes with pallets and sleep on the beach. We’re not just locals. Everyone is welcome, you will definitely meet other tourists!

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