Salt Pier

It is claimed for years now that this dive site will soon be closed, so ask in advance whether you can still dive here. When a ship is at the pier, diving is strictly prohibited.

There is little or no flow at this site and the deepest spot is 49 feet, so this is an ideal place for beginners. You can easily enter the water right from the pier. Within five minutes you’re at the pillars of the pier, at the end of both sides of the T-shape. This is a wonderful place to dive and after 02.00 pm, when the sun is on the pillars, you can make stunning photos.

The pillars that hold the pier are covered with gorgeous corals and sponges. On the bottom is much construction waste, which is now overgrown and offers shelter to octopuses and moray eels. In between the pillars you will encounter a lot of fish, but you will also see a lot of smaller fish hiding in the pillars’ coral. Be careful, there are protrusions on the pillars, which are sometimes very sharp.


Do you want to visit Salt Pier? In Bonaire Dive Guide you can find more information and detailed directions. Convenient, as many dive sites on the north coast are off road and hard to find. The guide is also practical as a reference and safe: leaving your mobile phone in the car during a dive is not wise.

Diving from Boat and coast
Level Everyone
Flora Coral, Sponges
Fauna Pelicans, Flamingos, Creole wrasse, Barbs, Snappers, Grunt, Great barracuda, Crabs, Shrimp, Labrisomidae fish (blennies), Frogfish, Sea horse, Moray eels, Octopus
Snorkeling Yes
Current Little or no
Max depth 59 feet

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