Wayaka II

At this beach is little shade, but there is a cave where you can recover from the hot sun. The beach is reached by a staircase, but look first before you go down to find a good route into the water, because the reef begins at many spots directly on the shore.

The drop-off begins just behind the buoy on 16 feet with a steep wall between 115 and 130 feet. The landscape behind that wall is hilly, with beautiful coral towers at around 32 feet. Check the route back just above water to avoid the reef when you go out of the water.


Do you want to visit Wayaka II? In Bonaire Dive Guide you can find more information and detailed directions. Convenient, as many dive sites on the north coast are off road and hard to find. The guide is also practical as a reference and safe: leaving your mobile phone in the car during a dive is not wise.

Diving from Boat and coast
Level Experienced
Flora Old reef with algae, ledges with soft coral, Pinnacles
Fauna Parrotfish, Blue tang, Bermuda chubs, Sergeant major, French angelfish, Rock beauty, Trunkfish, Rainbow Parrotfish, Labrisomidae fish (blennies)
Snorkeling Yes
Current Moderate to strong
Max depth 148 feet

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