Joanne’s Sunchi

On this dive site on the south coast of Klein Bonaire is no beach. At this reef specific observations are made regularly. The chance of spotting turtles here is very large. The buoy is at 10 feet.

At the drop off you will see a lot of soft coral, which is becoming more dense as you dive deeper. You’ll see many small orsini pufferfish, long spine sea urchins and giant anemones. Most fish will be found around the drop off at 29 feet. The reef steeply drops to 147 feet. You will see wide sandy channels that give the reef a rolling landscape.

The deeper reef consists mainly of hard corals. Especially the Devil’s sea whips very much stand out here with their orange-red color.


Do you want to visit Joanne’s Sunchi? In Bonaire Dive Guide you can find more information and detailed directions. Convenient, as many dive sites on the north coast are off road and hard to find. The guide is also practical as a reference and safe: leaving your mobile phone in the car during a dive is not wise.

Diving from Boat
Level Everyone
Flora Giant Anemones, Boulder star coral, Leaf coral, Spiral Blade coral, Wire coral, Devil’s Sea whip
Fauna SharpnosePuffer, Black long-spined Sea urchins, Giant anemones, Cleaner shrimp, Yellowtail damselfish, Coral Groupers, Black durgon, Porcupine fish, Horse eye Yesck, Trumpet fish, Turtles
Snorkeling Limited
Current Moderate
Max depth 148 feet

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Kaya Gob. N. Debrot
Kralendijk Bonaire BQ
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