This is one of the most beautiful dive sites of Bonaire. The cliff descends very steeply up to 164 feet and just below the surface is a worn edge in the rock wall that forms a cave with lots of strawberry coral. With little waves you can take beautiful pictures.

The best depth is between 33 and 82 feet, with a huge fish variation. At 72 feet you will find an overhang in the cliff, where you can find many Bar Jacks. This dive site can only be reached by boat. Previously, sometimes people were rappelling from the shore, hence the name Rappel.


Do you want to visit Rappel? In Bonaire Dive Guide you can find more information and detailed directions. Convenient, as many dive sites on the north coast are off road and hard to find. The guide is also practical as a reference and safe: leaving your mobile phone in the car during a dive is not wise.

Diving from Boat
Level Experienced
Flora Reef walls, Caves, Tubastrea coral, Sea fans
Fauna Flamingo tongue slug, Lettuce sea slug, Tiger grouper, Great barracuda, French angelfish, Cleaner shrimp, Lobster, Boga, Bar jack
Snorkeling Only at calm sea
Current Moderate to strong
Max depth 164 feet

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