Bachelor’s Beach

Close to Playa Palu di Mangel you find a staircase between rock walls, leading to a small beach that is so small your towel will quite certainly get wet at high tide. Nevertheless, we call this a beach and it is pretty popular. This has fine white sand and above the rocky coast you will find different shelters of palm fronds, tables and benches.

At the end of the afternoon, this is the favorite meeting place of our youth, where they chill and swim. But in the morning you will often find us eating a nice breakfast in the shade under the shelters to enjoy the view. Couples often bring their barbecue at night and enjoy the setting sun. In short, this is the favorite spot of many Kralendijk residents and you are welcome too!

Are you hot after a day exploring our island and looking for somewhere to cool off? Come over here and take a dip! Park your car, go down the stairs and swim a little, climb the stairs again, dry yourself off and hop, jump in your car again. Of course you can also stay to cozily hang out and enjoy the beautiful view and the sunset with us!

Do you want to snorkel or dive here? Excellent! The shallow plateau is a perfect location for beautiful snorkeling trips and the large reef is a great spot to see big fish. If you want to dive at nighttime, go to this place for this is the perfect spot. Even for beginners!

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