The Beach Hut

Have you ever had dinner at a place with your feet in pearly white sand and the wind in your hair, enjoying a view of dozens of surfers in colored light blue-green water? You really should at the Beach Hut! Not just the ambiance is great, the food is wonderful as well!

At The Beach Hut, you can spend hours enjoying the beautiful views and great laid-back atmosphere at the beach of Lac Bay Lagoon and at the same time indulge yourself with fabulous cuisine. Here, you can really enjoy very special dishes on the most extended menu in the area.

Everything that is served here is super fresh and a lot of dishes are local, like the wonderful stuba’s, soups and different fish plates. They have lovely specials but you can of course also pick something from the menu. Whether you’re taking a Spicy chicken breast salad, a creamy shrimp soup, a fresh Quarterpounder or juicy spare ribs from the grill, here you will greatly enjoy the perfect taste of your dish and great ambiance!

This is a place you really shouldn’t miss. The food is delicious, the drinks are delightful, the atmosphere is excellent and the music is fantastic! Enjoy the rhythmic live music just as we do and dance to the music of great DJs that perform on Sunday. Or jump right from the terrace on your surfboard for yet another wonderful trip on our beautiful blue waters! We expect you soon!

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Opening hours: Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM