1000 Steps Beach

At our West-coast lies a beautiful beach where you can not only enjoy yourself above, but also can have hours of fun under water! You can reach this beach by descending a long limestone staircase, which feels like a 1000 steps, especially when you climb the stairs again. This is a popular place among snorkelers and divers, but for beach lovers it is a perfect place too.

We love to go to this vast white beach with small pieces of coral stone. The bay is a beautiful place, surrounded by limestone cliffs, clear blue water and a fantastic reef. The beach is well equipped with toilets and rubbish bins and you can conveniently park your car. Do you want a quiet day at the beach? Come on weekdays. It’s never very busy, except on Sundays when we gather here to celebrate our day off!

Do you come here to snorkel? You will experience a fantastic day. The reef is only six meters deep so snorkeling here is excellent. The reef is full of fish and beautiful coral and the water is remarkably clear. You will undoubtedly encounter turtles here, because this is where they live. Divers can swim from the rocks to the beach buoy, where the drop off begins and the reef runs down steeply.

You will find beautiful corals, cleaning stations and a lot of big fish. Do you want to enjoy this quiet beach and be amazed by this beautiful location? You are welcome here all day, but if you want to dive or snorkel you want to do that before 11:00 am or after 3:00 pm. By then, the sea is the calmest and the waves are not so high so you’ll see much more!

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