Bon Bini at Bonaire!


Welcome to our beautiful island! With us, enjoying life is our main priority. Do you want to know how we do that? Immerse yourself in our culture and the natural beauty of our island and you will understand how we feel!



Bonaire is a small island in the Caribbean and lies 43 miles from the coast of Venezuela. Our island is not large, with an area of 178 square miles we are just perfect. The distance between the extreme south and the highest point in the Northwest does not exceed 424 miles and the width of our island is less than 7 miles. We have only a few roads, on which you could easily drive around in one day, but there is so much to see that you will never make it when you want to experience everything!



Our beautiful island has a very old and volcanic origin; the top part is actually the top of a volcano rim protruding above the sea. In the course of 100 million years however, a very island has grown together by the deposition of limestone by coral and shellfish. The solidified black lava of the volcano is still visible on our rugged north coast, where the trade winds pound against our island. You can still find our origins in the many fossils you can easily find, especially in the North.


Climate and travel time

Would you like to come and see our beautiful island? Bonaire is wonderful and you are always welcome in any season. However, keep in mind that it rains a lot between October and February. At that time, our National Park is less accessible, but that’s compensated by the fact that the rain transforms our island into one big flowering paradise!