Our beautiful coasts


On all sides, Bonaire is surrounded by coral reefs that are protected in the National Marine Park. However, our coasts are not the same, due to the trade winds blowing around our island.


Bonaire has the shape of a boomerang, with the bulging part eastward. The west coast is in a lull, there is little wind and the water is calm. That makes it ideal for delicate coastal beaches, beautiful sheltered bays, nice restaurants and cozy bars.

Westkust Bonaire

East coast

The east coast is much less accessible than the west coast. The trade wind creates high waves here and there is a strong current. The waves have even beaten steep cliffs on the coast. Beautiful and fascinating to watch, but we do not go into these waters very often.

South coast

On our south coast you will find the beautiful lagoon Lac Bay, surrounded by coral reefs. The large bay is a great windsurfing spot because of the calm, shallow water and steady winds.

Zuidkust Bonaire

North Coast

Our North Coast is the most rugged, unspoiled coastline. Here, the strong trade winds pounded waves against the shore for centuries, resulting in beautiful beaches and coves, that can hardly be accessed by the high waves and dangerous currents. But you can start looking for special shells an ancient fossils at the beach.

_2noordkust _3Noordkus

The coast of Klein Bonaire

Situated in a curve of the coast, in front of Bonaire, lies a small uninhabited island of 3 square miles: Klein Bonaire. It features white beaches which offer a peaceful nesting ground for sea turtles. Here you will find a fairly unique 2000-year-old black coral field.

Kust Klein Bonaire