About us

We love for you to discover who we are and how we live. Are you visiting our island? See it through our eyes and be more than a tourist. Feel like a local. Do not only enjoy the nature but also enjoy our culture. Discover the island like we know it. So you can totally feel at home, just like us!

We love to share local gems – the heart of Bonaire. We are extremely proud of our island, our culture and our history. We love to share our secrets with you. Eat what we eat, drink where we drink and experience all the things that we love. We love to show you how we live day to day and hope with heart and soul that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

You will find lots of information and experiences about Bonaire on our website. You will find inspiration for the best and most fun activities and events. You will read about the most interesting entertainment and sights on our island. And with our help you will find the perfect place to spend the night, choose the right restaurants, plan the best shopping route and you will find the most exciting outdoor activities.

Whatever you want to do, do it together with us. Everyone is welcome. That is the way it was and always will be.